International Name :
Insulatard pre-filled pens
Active Ingredient :
Human Isophane Insulin
Manufacturer :
Novo Nordisk
Strength :
3 ML

10, 5

Insulatard INSULIN (NOVO-NORDISK) PENFILL - 3-ml - 10 10 $26.00
Insulatard INSULIN (NOVO-NORDISK) PENFILL - 3-ml - 5 5 $14.00
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Buy Insulatard INSULIN is a brand of insulin produced by Novo Nordisk, a type of long-acting or intermediate-acting insulin. It’s used in the management of diabetes to control blood sugar levels.

Type of Buy Insulatard INSULIN:

Insulatard is an intermediate-acting insulin that starts working slower than rapid-acting insulins. Its effect begins a few hours after injection, peaks after several hours, and typically lasts for up to 24 hours.


Buy Insulatard INSULIN is often prescribed to individuals with diabetes who need basal (background) insulin to manage their blood sugar levels throughout the day and night.

Mechanism of Action:

As an intermediate-acting insulin, Buy Insulatard INSULIN helps to keep blood sugar levels stable between meals and during periods of fasting, providing a steady release of insulin over an extended period.

Dosage and Administration:

The dosage of Insulatard INSULIN Online is determined by healthcare providers based on individual needs, blood sugar levels, and response to treatment. It’s typically administered subcutaneously (under the skin) and usually requires consistent timing in its administration.

Role in Diabetes Management:

Basal Insulin: Insulatard INSULIN Online acts as a basal insulin, providing a slow and steady release of insulin throughout the day, covering the body’s basic insulin needs. Complementary Therapy: It’s often prescribed in combination with short-acting or rapid-acting insulins to manage blood sugar spikes after meals.

Importance of Medical Supervision:

Healthcare Provider Guidance: The usage of Insulatard or any insulin regimen should always be under the guidance and prescription of healthcare professionals. Individualized Treatment: Dosage and timing of Insulatard injections are personalized based on factors such as the type of diabetes, lifestyle, diet, and other medications.

Responsible Medication Access:

Insulatard INSULIN Online, like all insulin medications, requires a prescription. Acquiring it from legitimate and authorized sources, such as pharmacies or healthcare providers, ensures proper usage and authenticity of the medication.


Insulatard plays a significant role in diabetes management by providing a long-acting insulin effect to maintain blood sugar levels within target ranges. However, its use should always be overseen by healthcare providers, who tailor treatment plans to individual needs.

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